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We love looking our best, whether it’s beauty appointments or working out. For our dolls that love both, these are a few things to be considered if you exercise fairly regularly.
1) Stick to the 24-hour rule
The waiting period is crucial for the lash glue to cure completely. During the curing process, the lash glue draws moisture from the air to set. When exposed to too much moisture, the drying time reduces. It ultimately weakens the adhesive bonding, leading to poor lash retention.
Sweat is a mixture of water, salts, and oil. It is inevitable to sweat while exercising.To extend the lifespan of your coveted lash extensions, follow this golden rule without fail. 
2) Before the gym
Before any workout session, avoid putting on creams and sunblocks that contain oil. Sweating may cause these products to drip from the forehead and seep into your lashes. Instead, use a sealer to seal your lashes 30- minutes before your workout session. The sealer helps to create a barrier between the lash glue and sweat.
3) Avoid rubbing your eyes
It’s typical to sweat around the face during workout sessions. Unknowingly, we all tend to wipe off our faces with a towel. Be careful Doll!
4) Stay away from hot showers or yoga
Hot yoga or hot showers can be detrimental to the life of your eyelash extensions. If you are a fan of hot showers, bring down the heat and keep the water from falling directly on your lash extensions. 
5) Clean them thoroughly
No matter what form of workout you choose, you can’t afford to skip the clean-up routine. Your extensions will die an early death if you fail to clean them with a lash extension cleanser.
Looking gooooooood Doll 💖