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🧬How PH levels can affect the Retention of False Lashes‍
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Here is some Examples of what can be sitting on the surface of the lashes prior to lash cleaning along with their PH Scales:
Shampoo 3.5-9.0
Natural Oils 5.5
Skin Creams and Toners 4.5-5
Now, This is what can be used to cleanse lashes prior to lash appointment and infill:
Distilled water 7
Saline 5.5
See the Difference?! 
‼️Important part‼️
* Lash Adhesive is massively affected by the PH of your lashes 
* If the lashes are too acidic (0-6.9) the process of the bonding between the lashes and adhesive will be slower
* What happens if you lashes have too much alkaline? (7.1-14) this will cause the bonding to dry to quickly.
Both can cause poor retention to eyelash extensions and glue bonding which can cause lashes to fall out prematurely. Which is why we recommend clients to clean lashes, a voice products coming near the lashes and to book regular infills
Written By
Libby Kerys Hooper