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It's Getting Hot In Here🔆

It's July the sun is here.... But how can this affect us lash technicians?

As the UK gets hotter, we have to  start thinking about how we store our adhesives, how we must adapt to lashing in the heat and what you need to survive this heat wave😎


When it comes to the hear our adhesives are massively impacted by the heat as humidity and temperature can cause our glues to dry quickly than expected.

What can we do to change the performance of our glue?


1) Don't be too hard on yourself, you can't change the circumstances. If you need to reschedule appointments your clients will understand.💛

2) Change to a slower drying adhesive. As the humidity is higher than usual, your eyelash treatment can be affected because of your glue. We recommend switching to Our Sky Glue Adhesive as it takes1 to 3 seconds, it's strong and long lasting with a slight fume. (Manufactured using the highest quality medically approved ingredients, it's ISO Medical approved)

3) Replacing glue dot regularly. When suitable, we recommend changing the glue every 10-15 minutes (Depending on ventilation in salon)

4) Store Glue in a sealed container in a cool and dry area. This will ensure your glue doesn't dry up.


Is there anything that can help me?

1) Invest in a hydrometer to make sure the temperature/ humidity is at optimal working conditions.

2) If the humidity is high, Use a de-humidifier. This can help regulate glue humidity so it doesn't affect performance. 

Enjoy the weather and don't stress too much! 


Written By Libby Kerys Hooper